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As of February 15th, Slingshot is proud to announce we are an official Amazon AWS Partner!

At Slingshot we are a huge advocate of Cloud and this partnership with Amazon AWS solidifies our continued commitment to to evolve and learn as experts in the space.  For our clients, a Cloud first mentality when developing software products means better scalability, fault tolerance, performance, and a less expensive monthly infrastructure cost when our products are deployed.

4 Ways This Benefits YOU

As an AWS partner, we have easy and quick access to engineers and technical support personnel who work directly at AWS.

Throughout the whole process of partner certification the folks at Amazon have been approachable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  We love the fact that working with them is seamless and this collaboration is a powerful asset whether we’re developing new products or helping our clients with Cloud migration.

As a company, we hold 3 official AWS certifications and multiple accreditations
We have invested time and money into training, and for the individuals who’ve achieved these certifications and accreditations, they’ve invested their passion, hard work, and long hours to learn and accomplish these achievements.

For our clients, this means we are deeply knowledgeable about what AWS has to offer and we know how, why, and when to use particular aspects of those offerings to best benefit the solutions we build.

Cloud-first architecture is embedded in our process
The Cloud is an incredibly impactful tool as its power, flexibility, and low cost continues to transform how applications are built.  Gone are the days when infrastructure and programming can be separated.  In fact, not thinking about the Cloud from the start puts any application at a serious disadvantage.

At Slingshot, a Certified Cloud Architect is a part of every project, advising on architecture and ensuring we’re building with the Cloud in mind throughout.  This helps assure you that as we’re building, we’re thinking about scalability, performance, and a low continued cost of ownership every step of the way.

Our clients want to go to the Cloud, and we’re here to help
The Cloud means a lot of things, but it’s a hugely growing industry that is only getting bigger, more sophisticated, and more powerful.  Our clients want to be able to take advantage of this, we hear them and are invested in being the partner to help them.

How Can We Help?

We love to share what we know and love to help our clients in any way that we can.  Specifically here’s what we can do to help you take full advantage for the opportunities around Cloud:

  • Cloud Migration – Slingshot consults and advises on Cloud migration strategy as well as assists and/or fully executes on the actual implementation.
  • Cloud Consultation – If you’re building an application or in some way using the Cloud but need some expert guidance, we can teach, train, and consult on an as needed basis.
  • Managed Services – If you’re looking to offload the management of your Cloud solution, we offer managed services to monitor and maintain applications running in the Cloud.
  • DevOps – Using the Cloud, we can help automate deployments, provision new environments, and keep everything running smoothly, which allows your developers to concentrate on development. We offer both consultation, execution, and managed services in this area.

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