Why You Need a Research Phase

Today, software development needs a research phase to help you understand your users problems as well as the best way to solve them. How do you successfully complete a research phase, why it’s important, and what happens if you skip?

Meet our New Members

We're getting closer to the end of Q1, as well as Springtime! As the flowers start to bloom and weather gets warmer, we're happy to announce that our work-family has grown by 5! We're excited for you to meet the new members of our Slingshot team. 

The Founders’ Fable Episode 4 – Steve Huey

Our 4th episode of The Founders' Fable has us talking with Steve Huey: a Kentucky entrepreneurial Hall of Fame Mentor of the Year who's an expert in integrating cutting-edge technologies into existing markets.

Time vs Cost in Development

Almost everyone knows the saying time is money, but what does that mean for development? While the idea of getting to market as quickly as possible seems like the best option, there are some major setbacks in overall cost and time if you rush. In this blog, we'll discuss how the true saying should be earlier is easier, the consequences of waiting to make changes, and the importance of getting feedback as soon as possible.

Mobile App Maintenance

We’ve discussed the costs and steps involved in creating a mobile app, as well as how to publish your app in the app store. When development is all said and done, what happens? The adventure isn’t over: it’s time for app maintenance. What does that entail? Read on to learn all about mobile app maintenance.
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The Founder’s Fable Podcast Release

It’s been months in the making, and it’s finally here! Welcome to the Founder’s Fable, where we all get together to learn more about start-ups from others' stories and experiences.

Slingshot and EHX are Ready to Rock and Roll in E-commerce

Electro-Harmonix, known as EHX, is the most badass provider of musical effects equipment. Read how the EHX project was unlike any of our other projects, how we tackled those differences, and the final results of our efforts.

Our Team is Growing!

We’re very excited to start 2021 off with some good news! With all the fun and exciting projects slated for the coming year, we wanted to add a few more members to our team. We looked high and low for the greatest, and found our newest Big Kids.

2020 Lookback & 2021 Predictions

2020 was most definitely a rollercoaster. We think it’s right to say that no one will ever be able to forget the past year. While we could talk about all the craziness, this blog is going to focus on some of the cool stuff that’s happened. We’re all looking forward to 2021 in the hopes that this next year is a bit more calm. The future is uncertain, but it’s still fun to discuss the things that could happen.

Happy Holidays! | Daredevil Spotlight – Santa Claus

To spread a little festive cheer, we’d like to do a Daredevil Spotlight on a cheerful old fellow who may have visited you last night: Santa Claus.

Slingshot launches new MetLife Mobile App

MetLife is one of the largest insurance providers around the world. PetFirst is a longstanding client of ours. By bringing them together, the Pet Insurance Industry has been changed forever. We’ve been working with MetLife to build a mobile app for policyholders. We’re excited to share with you how we brought their idea to life.

Why Not to Build Custom Software

While we would love for you to develop custom software with us, our biggest core value is integrity. If custom software isn't right for you, we won't build it. Over the next few months, we'll be giving you more reasons not to build custom software (and how our employees feel about that). Stay tuned!
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Slingshot Completes Audit for Official SOC 2 Compliance

Slingshot has received our SOC2 compliance certification! We're excited to talk about what that means for our clients and their user's data.

Offshoring Pros and Cons

If you’re anywhere near a business's operations, then you've probably heard the word offshoring. It’s one of those buzzwords we hear all the time, but don’t think much about it. Unlike ‘synergy’ and ‘innovation,’ offshoring is a term that can change the future of a business.  What exactly is offshoring, and what are the pros and cons? Well, we’re glad you asked. 
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New Roots Has Launched

Learn about how New Roots was changing the community, and how by utilizing technology, they’ll be able to fill more bellies with fruits and veggies.

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Slingshot news, company information, and resources.

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Daredevil Diaries

Slingshot news, company information, and resources.

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