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The Founders' Fable Podcast

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that nothing is traditional about building a startup. That's why two friends (Dan and Savannah) decided to sit down, start a podcast, and talk about the unconventional ways of starting a business. The team, as well a guest entrepreneur, will discuss mindset, advice, and startups in the Louisville area.

Ep 33 – Triet Nguyen

On episode 33, we’re talking with Triet Nguyen from Render Capital. He was a startup events planner, program coordinator, and founder. Now Triet’s an Investor and Mentor.

Ep 32 – Chris Goode

On episode 32, we’re talking with Chris Goode from Climavision. They’re a strategic growth expert and hands-on leader. Chris has pioneered merging big data, meteorology, and remote sensing for the last 30 years.

Ep 31 – Ben Smock

On episode 31 of The Founders’ Fable, we’re talking with Ben Smock. They’re a motivated connector who’s passionate about social enterprise. Ben is the Director Of Development at Canopy Kentucky as well as President at Venture Connectors.

Ep 30 – Steven Plappert

On episode 30 of the Founders’ Fable, we’re talking with Steven Plappert. They’re a 2-time Founder and 2-time Techstars Alum. Steven also just completed a fundraising round of $4.5 million!

Ep 29 – Andrew McIntosh

On episode 29, we’re talking with Andrew McIntosh. He’s a multi-time founder with an exit in his pocket and great hair. Andrew’s current project is 1st Gen Entrepreneurs: a platform where first-generation founders can get advice, mentorship, and support.

Ep 28 – Mandy Ralston

On episode 28, we’re talking with Mandy Ralston. She’s been certified as a behavior analyst since 2002, and her most recent venture is NonBinary Solutions.

Ep 27 – Bryce Butler

For episode 27, we’re sitting down with Bryce Butler. They’re the Founder & Managing Director of Access Ventures. And what hasn’t he done; Bryce has also been an Army Officer, a pastor, an adjunct instructor, a producer, an author, and an investor.

Ep 26 – Chris Redd

On episode 26 of the Founders’ Fable, we’re talking with Chris Redd: Network N’ Chill Co-Founder, a serial angel investor, and an Epic software expert.

Ep 25 – Evan Knowles

On episode 25 of the Founders’ Fable, we’re talking with Evan Knowles. Currently, Evan’s a Co-Founder @ Middle Tech, a Co-Founder and CEO @ Symba, and a Founding Partner @ Defiant Capital.

Ep 24 – 2022 Year in Review

Episode 24 is our final episode of 2022! Let’s look back at all that we learned this year from our Founders’ Fable guests and our experience with Slingshot Ventures.

Ep 23 – Jermaine Watkins

On episode 23, we’re sitting down with Jermaine Watkins. He’s a seasoned CTO with 20+ years experience and a serial entrepreneur with successful exits.

Ep 22 – Sada Wane Round 2

On episode 22, we’ve got our first returning guest Sada Wane! Last October, we spoke on XpressRun in it’s pre-launch stage. But how has the last year been?

Ep 21 – Mike Jackson

On episode 21, we’re talking with Mike Jackson: Managing Owner at Agriblock Farms, aka Kentucky Greens Co, and Market Manager at Farm + House Louisville.

Ep 20 – Harry Wilson

On episode 20, we’re talking with Harry Wilson: an award winning sales and leadership professional who is the Co-Founder & CEO of Limitless Minds.

Ep 19 – Tendai Charasika

On episode 19, we’re excited to sit down with Tendai Charasika. He’s a high-performing leader with an innovative mindset. Tendai is the former CEO of SuperFan, and is the current Chief Strategy Office for Sailing Wealth Advisors.

Ep 18 – Chris Wiedmar

For episode 18, we’re sitting down with Chris Weidmar! He’s a technology leader with a background in business development, human centered design, and new product deployments. He’s also the co-founder of Party Horses.

Ep 17 – Jennifer Williams

Our special guest for episode 17 is Jennifer Williams. She’s a Cuddle Clones co-founder who recently exited. Jennifer is currently the VP of Business Development at Dianthus and a Hustler & Tinkerer at Working Title Lab.

Ep 16 – Roland Achenjang

On episode 16, we’re talking with Roland Achenjang: the Founder & CEO at C2 Keep (a Slingshot Ventures portfolio-company.) Roland wears a lot of hats; he’s an Entrepreneur, Healthcare Leader, Author, Meditation Coach, and Podcaster.

Ep 15 – Natalia Bishop

In the first episode of 2022, we’re sitting down with Natalia Bishop. She’s a several-times founder who sits on multiple boards. Natalia’s newest role is Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Louisville.

Ep 14 – 2021 Review

In our final episode of 2021, we look back at our first year of The Founders’ Fable. We’ll discuss what we’ve learned, and what our guests have shared with us. Happy New Year, and best of luck in 2022!

Ep 13 – Jessica Thurmond & Monica Schmiede

On episode 13, we’re talking with Jessica Thurmond & Monica Schmiede at Athelo, which is a startup focusing on empowering cancer patients with their data.

Ep 12 – Sada Wane

This spooky October episode has us sitting down with Sada Wane: a multi-time founder who is currently working in the e-commerce logistics space. He’s currently the Founder and CEO of XpressRun, which is in the pre-launch stage.

Ep 11 – Bob Doligale & Kevin Foley

On episode 11, we’re talking with our first ever duo! Bob Doligale and Kevin Foley started Splash Analytics in 2012 with former colleagues, and have been working together in some capacity over the last 30 years.

Ep 10 – Chris Combs

Double digits! Chris Combs is a technology-based entrepreneur with a focus in document management and security. Chris has co-founded two startups, and his current company LinkSquares raised $40 million in their latest funding round.

Ep 9 – Carla Dearing

This Summer Spectacular (ep 9) features Carla Dearing. She’s a multi-time founder and investor with a fintech focus. Her passion for working with minority businesses has led her to help projects find capital and drive social impact.

Ep 8 – Paul Ford

This month we’re speaking with Paul Ford: an insurtech expert who has several startups under his belt. We’ll discuss exposure to entrepreneurs, corporate burnout, learning and working for who you are, and writing your own story.

Ep 7 – Greg Langdon

We’re mixing it up! This episode we sit down with Greg Langdon: an investor & startup advisor whose helped over 100 startups in the Louisville area. We’ll talk about the current Louisville startup scene, and where we hope it’s going.

Ep 6 – Charley Miller

Our April episode has us meeting with Charley Miller. He’s a well experienced founder with several industries under his belt whose building systems for organizations to cultivate their culture and measure collaboration in new ways.

Ep 5 – Lydia Henshaw

For our Women’s history month episode, we’re sitting down with Lydia Henshaw. She’s the founder and CEO of MoxieGirl – a startup whose on a mission to grow 10 million mentally strong, confident girls.

Ep 4 – Steve Huey

Our 4th episode has us talking with Steve Huey: a Kentucky entrepreneurial Hall of Fame Mentor of the Year whose an expert in integrating cutting-edge technologies into existing markets.

Ep 3 – Brandon Powers

In our third episode of The Founders’ Fable, David, Dan, and Savannah *virtually* sit down with Brandon Powers. We’ll talk about MVPs, constraints on startups, the importance of research, setting expectations, and prototyping.

Ep 2 – John Williamson

In our second episode of The Founders’ Fable, David, Dan, and Savannah conduct their first interview. We talked with John Williamson on his founder’s journey, touching on investments, partnerships, skillsets, and sales.

Ep 1 – Introduction

In the first episode of The Founders’ Fable, David, Dan, and Savannah talk about what Slingshot Ventures is, the Louisville startup scene, and how this podcast can help you!

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