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Embrace the Big Kid & Daredevil inside.

Release your curiosity. Take the leap.

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The Story

In 2005, we were founded by a Big Kid with big dreams. Fresh out of college, Slingshot was built on the idea that creating impactful software comes from being intensely inquisitive while remaining adventurous. That dream remains 15 years later, as Slingshot has grown a culture embracing creativity, fun, and exploration. With age (and a couple of gray hairs) comes wisdom, but it’s clear the spirit of adventure is still alive. Most importantly, Slingshot still defines success as building software that has a profound impact for their clients.

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The ability to be clever, original, and inventive. Creative, innovative, and imaginative.


Free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. Honest and having strong moral principles.


Having the courage to take risks. Be bold, daring, enterprising, and gutsy.

Childlike Spirit

Having the spirit of a child: curious, spontaneous, fun-loving, inquisitive, and full of energy.

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Say hello to the Slingshot team

David Galownia

CEO & President

Chris Howard

CIO & Chief Product Owner

Rachel Foster

UX Design Lead

Cheyenne Nolan

UX Designer

Mike Hurd

Senior Developer, Team Lead

Doug Compton

Senior Developer, Team Lead

Steve Anderson

Senior Developer, AWS Practice Lead


Senior Mascot

Chris Staley

Senior Developer, Xamarin Practice Lead

Nathan Thomas

Senior Developer

Michael Thornberry

Senior Developer

Savannah Cherry

Director of Marketing and New Business

Maria Watkins

Director of Operations

Dan Harrigan

Senior Developer

David Merk

Senior Developer, Team Lead

Sarah Bhatia

Product Manager

Jonathan Vanderford

Senior Developer

Blaise Liu

Senior Developer

Rachel Jennette

Project Manager

John Tito

Senior Developer

Teresa Nelson

Project Manager

Tim Samasiuk

UX Designer

Yulia Shchyhel

Senior QA Analyst / Project Manager

Oleksandr Lovas

Senior Developer, Team Lead

Vitalii Luchko

Frontend Developer

Artem Shynkarenko

Ukraine Delivery Manager

Andriy Smetyukh

Senior Developer

Andriy Mahera

Senior Developer

Lyubomyr Krupey

Senior Developer

Bohdan Skyba

Senior QA Analyst

Our Clients,
Everyday Heroes

Our clients undertake bold initiatives and make daredevil decisions. We love being a part of our client’s success and helping them solve their problems through software.

Do you have a bold new idea? Do you have an internal problem you need to solve? We’d love to help!

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About Mary Clyde testimonial

"Slingshot understood our unique vision; it was clear they had a high level of expertise. They came up with a solution that fit our needs, and we felt involved during the entire process. We plan on working with Slingshot again, and see them as partners rather than another software vendor."

Mary Clyde Pierce, MD | Professor of Pediatrics | Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

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Ready to get started?

We’d love to talk about how we can work together.

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Daredevil Diaries

Slingshot news, company information, and resources.

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Daredevil Diaries

Slingshot news, company information, and resources.

What's New