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Cloud & DevOps Development

Accelerating the management of your workload through the power of Cloud and DevOps.

Cloud Platforms slingshot Utilizes
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Build Products with Flexibility, Agility, and Security

By leveraging Cloud and DevOps, you can gain unparalleled scalability, enabling your applications to handle increased user demand seamlessly. The pay-as-you-go model of cloud services also brings cost efficiency, eliminating upfront infrastructure investments and reducing operational expenses.

Our team can help optimize your DevOps processes or migrate existing applications to the Cloud. We are an official AWS partner and also have proficiency in Microsoft Azure.

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Building effective, innovative cloud initiatives

Slingshot provides cloud services because we are focused on achieving measurable successes for our clients. Our team consists of AWS and Azure certified solution architects, and we understand how to build with the cloud in-mind.

If you need to migrate an existing app to the cloud, or help understanding how to take advantage of the cloud when building something new, our email is open!

Eliminating Costly Data Centers

Say goodbye to costly data centers and embrace the power of the cloud.

Migrate from Paper

Transform your business from paper to the cloud with seamless S3s and Lambdas.

Security through Redundancy

Backup your data with cloud redundancy across multiple regions.

Replace Antiquated Processes

Revolutionize your workflow by replacing antiquated processes with the cloud's efficiency.

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