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Louisville, KY

Slingshot, a software and app development company founded in 2005, has unveiled their latest expansion: Slingshot Ventures. Slingshot Ventures is the new innovation and startup arm of Slingshot. The announcement accompanies their new website: 

This new department will focus on co-founding B2B Tech Companies with experts in industry. Slingshot Ventures will help aspiring entrepreneurs by developing the initial tech product, including help with product strategy, research, design, and development. The group will additionally offer support on developing go-to-market strategy and sales.

“At Slingshot we are incredibly passionate about helping businesses thrive with technology.  We’ve seen a lot over the years with tech products done well and not so well,” said Slingshot’s CEO David Galownia. “Slingshot Ventures will allow us to share our years of experience about building both businesses and products with entrepreneurs.”

How does it work?

Entrepreneurs will bring their idea for a company, and Slingshot Ventures will work with them to validate the idea, design the solution, and deliver the first version of their minimal viable product (MVP).  The company will additionally work with the founder to collaborate on business strategy, develop a go-to market plan, and assist with sales.

Who is a fit for Slingshot Ventures?

Prime candidates are entrepreneurs with experience in their respective industry. They should be in early stages of building a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) company and lack a technical co-founder. 

The Slingshot Ventures expansion will be headed up by Dan Murphy: an expert with 15 years experience in technology sales and tech consulting in the Louisville community.  Dan said about the new adventure: “This goes beyond the average coding-for-equity deal some dev shops offer: we plan to be actively engaged in landing these companies their first customers.” 

David states Slingshot Ventures does not have a specific target for companies launched in a time span. “Our goal is not to take on project after project. We want to build these companies up at a pace that allows us to give each business the attention they need.”

Dr. Dictate

One of these startups is Dr. Dictate: a mobile app that will allow doctors to complete their transcriptions during surgery through voice-activation. Dr. Dictate was formed by Slingshot Ventures and two entrepreneurs: a board certified orthopedic surgeon and a startup veteran. This new technology will save time on data entry as well as decrease errors in transcriptions.


Slingshot Ventures is currently accepting applications for Q3 of 2020 and beyond. To schedule a conversation about your idea or vision, entrepreneurs should reach out via 

We're doing fun things on the startup side of Slingshot!


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