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In this unusual year, we hope that this holiday season is full of joy and happiness for you and your family.

To spread a little festive cheer, we’d like to do a Daredevil Spotlight on a cheerful old fellow who may visit you: Santa Claus.

The Daredevil – Who is Santa?

St. Nicholas ‘Santa’ Claus was born in the year 270, which makes him 1,750 years old! He’s a plump, white-bearded man whose favorite snack is milk and cookies. He’d describe himself as jolly; you can see this in his rosy cheeks. 

His favorite thing to wear is his bright red suit, but he also enjoys relaxing in his Christmas pajamas. When he’s not busy, he likes to collect stamps from the letters he’s sent. Something you may not know about Santa is that he has a US Pilot’s license and a Canadian Passport! 

The Concept – What does Santa do?

Every year on December 24th, Santa visits every child’s home in the world, bringing them presents to open on the morning of December 25th. He arrives on a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer (9 if it’s foggy and Rudolph needs to lead the way). He shimmies down your chimney and places his gifts under a Christmas tree. No chimney, no problem; he also has a magic key to visit you. 

The Purpose – Why does Santa come?

Why does Santa bring gifts? While he doesn’t exactly say why, it’s believed that Santa wants to instill the idea of sharing: sharing gifts with those you love, sharing time with close friends, and sharing the holiday spirit with others. 

The Wrap-up

Again, we’re wishing you Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year. Fingers crossed 2021 is better for all of us! Best wishes from all your Big Kids and Daredevils at Slingshot.

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