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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Louisville, October 12th, 2023]

Slingshot, a leading provider of innovative software solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its newest service offering: Artificial Intelligence Development. This new offering is a powerful tool to leverage in product development and will allow Slingshot to help organizations automate tasks, enhance decision-making, improve productivity, and personalize experiences.

Slingshot’s AI Development process starts by collecting and preparing relevant data, followed by thorough analysis to identify patterns and understand data characteristics. The next phase utilizes the analyzed data to develop an AI model, followed by rigorous testing and deployment of the model for real-time use. This service is perfect for companies with intricate data, manual tasks to automate, or a need for personalized customer support. Custom-designed user experiences often sit atop complex AI algorithms, providing users with an easy-to-use method for engaging with AI within mobile and web apps.

One AI Project Slingshot has already completed is with OraStripDX. The project involved the development of a computer vision algorithm to simplify the evaluation of their 10-second periodontal disease test strips. The project finished with a dependable algorithm with an accuracy rate of approximately 99%.

“Slingshot is thrilled to introduce this new service to our valued clients,” said David Galownia, CEO of Slingshot. “Having successfully implemented AI solutions for several clients, we want to offer this to everybody. Ultimately, Slingshot wants to offer technology solutions that maximize impact. Utilizing AI technologies does exactly that, and it’s here, ready, and happening now.”

Another AI project Slingshot has undertaken is with Infinite Stories: a project to transform tabletop gaming by integrating artificial intelligence. Their vision was to create an innovative marketplace for gaming content, enhancing the tabletop gaming experience for creators and players. The project involved immersing themselves in tabletop gaming to understand player needs and campaign intricacies, optimizing content structures for AI processing, and providing a  seamless user experience for interacting with AI.

Slingshot has more case studies showcasing how they’ve transformed businesses by leveraging AI to solve complex challenges and achieve remarkable results. You can access them all on their AI service landing page.

Chris Howard, CIO at Slingshot, who studied Artificial Intelligence at MIT, said: “Artificial Intelligence is a transformational force, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies for businesses. Imagine your customer chatbots accurately helping customers with human-like precision, 24/7. Think about how much more engagement and sales you could get from AI-driven marketing personalization. What if you could predict market trends with insane accuracy, enabling you to make smarter decisions? AI is a game-changer for businesses.”

With Artificial Intelligence Development, companies can enhance their decision-making processes, gain a competitive advantage, and foster innovation. By leveraging the expertise of Slingshot’s AI Development Services, businesses can position themselves for success in an increasingly data-driven world.

To explore how Slingshot’s AI Development Services can transform your business, visit our AI service page at or contact our team directly at Discover how we have successfully empowered other businesses through AI solutions and join the ranks of companies leading the way in the AI revolution.

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