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LOUISVILLE, KY – We’re excited to help announce P3 Technology: a proprietary case management platform built specifically for patient services. P3 Technology offers a highly secure system that’s intuitive and customizable.

The idea behind P3 Technology started with founder Heather Rose. Rose has 15 years of Patient Services experience as a leader of operations for one of the largest providers in the industry. For the past 2 years, she has consulted multiple pharmaceutical companies on how best to optimize their processes and technology options. 

In her work, she saw several opportunities to better serve both the pharmaceutical companies as well as the patients they helped. The conclusion from her experience was that the current CRM options in the market do not support the business and its processes, are difficult to use with rigid workflows, fail to automate tedious tasks, and generate high on-going third party costs.

The P3 Technology platform is designed to drive down service times, increase reliability, improve ease-of-use, and dramatically lower technology costs. Configurable workflows allow for a system that lifts your process instead of hindering it. Automated tasks guide users along the patient journey to ensuring timely and accurate outcomes. 

“P3 was born out of a passion to empower our customers,” said Rose. “When working in a system 40 hours a week, it’s really important that it’s not frustrating to use. We believe people should enjoy using software and now through P3, they have an option that is intuitive, customizable and easy-to-use. Our customers are empowered to establish the process and business rules unique to their products and patients, and not be forced to modify them to fit within the technology they’re using.” 

Rose wanted to collaborate with a leader in technology to build the system. She’s partnered with David Galownia, CEO of Slingshot. From there, they utilized Slingshot’s team to build the proprietary system.

I was just as excited as Heather when she first came to me about this idea,” said Galownia when asked about the project. “We were eager to partner with Heather and help bring the tech to life. The system fills a huge hole in the industry and represents a huge step up in terms of usability and affordability compared to what is currently out there.”


The P3 Technology system is fully developed and ready for demos for any interested companies. Visit to learn more and schedule time to talk.

Slingshot has developed technology solutions for companies like Texas Roadhouse, PetFirst Pet Insurance, MetLife, Churchill Downs, and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. For more information, visit    

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