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This spooky October episode has us sitting down with Sada Wane: a multi-time founder who is currently working in the e-commerce logistics space. He’s currently the Founder and CEO of XpressRun, which is in the pre-launch stage and is expected to launch around November 15th.

This episode we’ll discuss: Transitioning to America, building your own journey, helping your community via a business, talk to your users about their problem, community driven development, you can’t build a perfect product, newest generation of entrepreneurship, representation matters, the future of XpressRun, the universal language of software, be as close to your user as possible, be willing to learn and change, and believe in yourself.


Savannah is our one-woman marketing department. She posts, writes, and creates all things Slingshot. While she may not be making software for you, she does have a minor in Computer Information Systems. We’d call her the opposite of a procrastinator: she can’t rest until all her work is done. She loves playing her switch and meal-prepping.