We're donating our time and expertise to build a mobile app for a non-profit. Can we help further your initiative?

Know of a non-profit that would benefit?

Who is Launch for?

This program is for 501(c) organizations who feel the creation of a mobile app could greatly boost their mission and overall impact to the community.   The non-profit who submits for this initiative should serve the Greater Louisville Area, bring a bold vision to the table, and be prepared to collaborate with our designers and engineers. 

How Do I Apply?

Applications are submitted via email to launch@yslingshot.com.  

Download an application here. You can also nominate a non-profit you think would be a great fit.  

What is the Deadline to Submit?

Full applications must be submitted by October 12, 2018.

Timeline for Launch...

Application Submission Deadline | October 12

Semi-Finalists Announced | November 2

Round 2 Applications Due | November 12

Finalists Announced | December 7

Finalists Presentations | February 8

Winner Announced! | February 19

How is Slingshot Positioned to Bring my Idea to Life?

Slingshot is a product development company specializing in understanding the vision for innovative technology products and taking them from inception through design, testing, implementation, and launch.   We’ve been at it for over 12 years and deploy a unique and bold process to deliver proven value in what we build. Learn more about us here.  

What Happens After I Submit My Application?

After submitting your application, Slingshot will review and let you know if you’ve made it to the semi-final round.  The semi-finalists will be announced on November 2nd. After that there will be a finalists round with live presentations, and the winner announced on February 19th

How is the Winner Determined?

The Slingshot team will pick a winner based on impact of the proposed solution, ability of the non-profit to be involved in the process,  and feasibility of the solution within a reasonable scope.

What if I Win!

If you win, your organization and Slingshot will get to do something amazing together!  Upon announcement of the winner, we’ll sit down with you and your organization and discuss a project timline.  From there, we’ll take you through our process and we’ll be on our way to making a big impact 🙂 

I'm not eligible but want to help. What Can I Do?

Spread the word.  Share this page.  Use the hashtag #SlingshotLaunch. Know of a non-profit who could really use a mobile app?  Nominate them to apply.


For over a decade Slingshot has been blessed with the opportunity to work with amazing organizations. We’ve given our heart and passion to our work and witnessed extraordinary change as a result. Because of this, we want to give back…

Launch is a charitable initiative to donate our time and expertise to build a mobile app for a non-profit organization.

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Not a 501(c)(3) but know of one who may be interested?  

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Still not sure?

Want to know more or have a specific question? Reach out to us at launch@yslingshot.com

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