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Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time of year when we’re all thinking of romance, flowers, and love.

Unless you’re like us because we’re thinking about how you need to break up with your tech. Imagine we’re your best friend from college and this is an intervention: “You deserve better!”

During this most romantic time of the year, let’s check out why you need to break up with your old tech and see how much better your life could be if you start dating using new tech. 


  • Tech is ‘old’ once it’s obsolete; it may still work, but its benefits no longer outweigh the issues or difficulties of using it.
  • Old tech is holding you back because it has issues with security, it’s slow, it isn’t customizable, it’s buggy, it’s not able to integrate easily, and it’s unscalable.
  • New tech can be anything from a minor upgrade to a brand-new system and can help solve all of the issues we just mentioned. 

What is ‘old tech?’

When you see the word old, you’re probably thinking of something that’s been around a long time. And yes, old tech is old in that sense, but it’s not just about age. Aged tech can still work properly if built correctly. Tech also doesn’t become old once it breaks. That’s too far – if your tech is unusable, you need to work fast. 

Red Flags that your Tech is Old

So, is your current tech relationship on the rocks? Should you be thinking about breaking up with it? Here are some red flags that it’s time to move on. 

? Lying: They Say They’re Secure and They’ll Protect You 

Words with no backing don’t get you very far. Sure, your tech was highly secure when it was brand new. But technology moves faster than ever, and with that speed comes new ways for hackers to find holes. 

 If your tech’s been around since the first major cyberattack (2011, PlayStation network), it may be time to call it quits. 

? Won’t Compromise 

All you need is for them to do the laundry every now and then! Erh, we mean, work with your process instead of against it. …Anyways.

One way you can tell your tech is moving from functional to obsolete is how well it meshes with your process. Can it be updated as new tasks come up? Or are you stuck spending more time finding a workaround rather than doing the work itself? You deserve better.

? Always Putting You Down

NEVER let a partner talk down to you: romantically, platonically, or technically! Earlier we mention how quickly tech moves nowadays. The thought behind that is known as Moore’s law: the number of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every two years. For the non-techy’s of the world, that means the capability and speed of computers are getting faster and faster. 

If your tech isn’t keeping up with the rest of the world, it can feel like you’re ‘less than’ while using it. Don’t let your tech hold you down; move on. 

?Runs Away from Difficult Discussions

If you care about this relationship, you should be able to handle tough conversations. And while you may be ready, your tech may not be. 

Think to your tech team: what does their day usually look like? If they’re able to work on new projects and stay above water with maintenance requests, your relationship is probably healthy. If they’re drowning in support requests, though, it may be time to have that tough talk. Your tech should be helping your company move forward, not holding it back!


Whose in the driver’s seat here: you, or your deadbeat tech? You want your partner to talk and have fun with your friends, much like how you want your tech to integrate easily with your other systems. 

Tech is supposed to make your life easier, not harder! If your tech isn’t playing nice with all the other platforms you have to use, it may be time to say “It’s over.” 

? Holds on to Grudges

You said you were sorry – can we just let it go!? When it comes to tech and holding onto things, think of it like an attic: as you continuously put stuff up there, there will eventually be no more space. 

There comes a point where your tech just can’t scale anymore. And once it’s out of space, you’re going to be out of luck. If you think you’re getting close to the point of no return, get out while you still can. 

Your New Hottie, aka New Tech 

We’re so proud of you; you did the right thing by breaking up with your ex-tech. But who’s that on the horizon? Could it be your next partner, New Tech? 

New Tech can be a lot of things: it could be an upgrade to an older system, and set of features to expand the current offering, or an entirely new app altogether. 

Let’s check out why New Tech is so much better for you.

? Will Protect You 

When thinking of security from the beginning, you can ensure that your new software can protect you and your customer’s data. No more fear of breaches: new tech’s got you. 

? Willing to Compromise 

You want a technology that’s able to adjust to your process, not the other way around. Customization is one way to ensure your new tech’s in this relationship for the long haul. 

? Will Support You

Be elevated, not held back! Technology moves fast, but you can move faster when you’ve got a scalable system behind you. 

? Willing to Talk

No more running away; new tech wants to work through y’all’s issues. When your tech team can focus more on progress rather than support, everybody wins. 

? Will Let you Have Freedom 

Wanna have a night out without them? Need to integrate with several different platforms? New tech says go for it! 

? Willing to Move On

Scalability is essential to making sure your tech can make it to the end. Tech that’s built from the beginning with scalability in mind is here to stay (rather than run away with an ex.) 


If your tech is on the verge of being obsolete it’s time to break up. But don’t be sad yet, you can always go on a date with new tech. Whether it’s a small upgrade or an entirely new app, we hope y’all are happy together. You two make a cute couple! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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