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Slingshot On Tour: Free AI Workshop for Business Leaders

On-the-road insights from AI experts on how to leverage Artificial Intelligence within your industry.

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An In-Depth AI Workshop

For Business Leaders

One Hour Long

On-Site or Virtual

Completely Free


  • Educational: Learn about AI in an easy-to-understand way
  • Thorough: Covers various concepts and real world examples
  • Collaborative: Bounce ideas and questions off Slingshot’s CIO

Who's This For?

  • Leadership teams preparing for the future with AI.
  • Departments uncertain on how AI can drive business growth.
  • Companies looking for innovative ways to stay ahead.
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Meet Your Expert

Chris Howard, Slingshot's CIO

Chris has been in the technology space for over 20 years, including being Slingshot’s CIO since 2017. He specializes in lean UX design, technology leadership, and new tech with a focus on AI. He’s currently involved in several AI-focused projects within Slingshot.

Why Slingshot?

Teal Team

Tech Team

Coral AI

Experienced in
AI Development

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19 years of
Technical Innovation

Purple Legacy

Commitment to the
Education of Leaders

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