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Nashville Dedicated Teams

Scale large development initiatives quickly, cost effectively, and with expertise in the areas you need.

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Today’s world is tough

Hiring, recruiting, and retaining qualified technology personnel can be incredibly difficult and expensive. Amid high recruiting fees, a scarcity of top-tier development talent, and a propensity for developers to switch jobs every couple years, it’s harder than ever to scale and manage a growing development team.

Contractors for hire are an option, but high costs and scarcity still present issues. On top of this, sometimes you need skills that are more specialized. Perhaps you have very strong in-house back-end developers, but would benefit from having dedicated front-end developers. Maybe you want to get into mobile; need design work, cloud architecture?

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Dedicated Teams can be the answer.

A Slingshot dedicated team is a hybrid on-shore/off-shore development model, combining the best and brightest on-shore development team with overseas talent that is culturally similar, effective, affordable, and readily scalable.

Our onshore and offshore team each go through the same qualification process including a thorough programming exam and technical interview. Our onshore talent serves as point for projects, and works as a small team with their hand-selected offshore talent. By doing this, we lower costs dramatically while keeping quality intact. Furthermore, by drawing on a significantly larger talent pool, we can scale quickly and pick the specialized skills needed for your project and environment.

Our onshore team consists only of full-time hires and is backed by our entire organization. That means we become familiar with your organization and our relationship can build over time, making us more and more effective as we continually engage on projects. As a company with a multitude of skills, we compliment the base dedicated development team with ad hoc assistance in UX/UI design, cloud architecture, quality assurance, process Improvement, and strategy.

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“We had our own development team at PetFirst for years and struggled to manage and retain talent on a consistent basis. We found we spent a lot of time on retention and talent acquisition instead of growing our core business. We brought on a Slingshot dedicated team and could go back to focusing on growth. Not only did Slingshot provide development expertise but they were huge in providing strategic insight based on their years of experience.”

Katie BlakeleyPetFirst

Substantially grow your team in a fraction of the time it would take to hire. Scale up and down with demand.


Avoid expensive recruiting fees and high $/hour billing rates with the onshore/offshore hybrid model.


Pull from a significantly larger talent pool and get specialized experts that are ideal for your team.

Peace of Mind

Spend your time growing your business and improving your offerings instead of recruiting and retaining talent.