Why Slingshot

We build software a bit differently than anyone else. We want your company to lead the way with brilliant design, innovative thinking, and process improvement that will drive huge gains to your bottom line.


What We Believe

Cross-Discipline Collaboration.

When you want something done you shouldn’t have to communicate redundantly to multiple vendors.  At Slingshot we have product managers, UX designers, and developers all under one roof.

Design Matters. A Lot.

In a design driven age, your customers expect the best.  Invest in design and the bottom line of your business will be rewarded.

Building Software Is A Risk.

Spending time up front with your customer and and testing your software designs first dramatically reduces risk.  Our process invests heavily in up front research before writing code.

Get To Market Quickly.

Getting an idea to market quickly makes a difference. We focus on keeping ideas simple, iterating through designs, oftentimes cutting and simplifying features along the way.

Our Process


We engage users and analyze the market to identify the right solution for the problem at hand.


Our goal is to align each project feature with the business outcome it enables, using and building metrics to gauge success.


Our creativity and love for simplicity empower us to create interesting, intuitive experiences validated through iterative learning and user testing.


We use the tech and cloud infrastructure best suited to your needs, resulting in scalable, high-quality, custom solutions.


Ready To Talk?

hello@yslingshot.com  |  (502) 272-1123