New Year New You

In the age of Amazon, Uber, and Facebook, customers demand exceptional experiences driven by powerful technology.

Slingshot Can Help

Differentiate With Design

Slingshot’s design team can modernize an existing app or design a solution from the ground up.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are not for everyone but in the right situation drive a superior experience.  We’ll help determine if an app is right for you and deliver on the execution.

Legacy System Upgrades

Systems that don’t change with your business can hold you back. Upgrading is risky. Let Slingshot guide you through the process.

Cloud Migration

Leveraging Cloud technology can allow you to innovate faster while cutting cost and improving scale.  As an AWS Partner, Slingshot can help.

How We Do It

Strategy First

Any discussion about software starts with a discussion about your business.  Is it time to invest? Slingshot brings CIO level expertise to projects early on to help maximize your spend.

A Design Driven Process

Delivering an exceptionally designed experience can make all the difference.  Slingshot utilizes an approach based on extensive research, developing customer empathy, and testing ideas through prototypes.

A Complete Team

Successfully executed software projects require multidisciplinary expertise. Slingshot combines CIO level thinkers, product managers, designers, and developers on every project. Our team can work with you from the origination of an idea, through design and development, and all the way to launch and support.

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