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Scale large development initiatives quickly, cost effectively, and with expertise you need.

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I have a ton of work to do.<br /> How do I find time to define scope?I don’t have all the skills for this project.<br /> Where will I find the expertise?I want to build new tech.<br /> How do I get through my backlog to do it?I need to hire multiple developers quickly.<br /> How will I find the talent?

Our world
today is tough

Hiring, recruiting, and retaining qualified technology personnel can be difficult and expensive. Amid high recruiting fees, scarcity of top-tier talent, and a propensity for developers to switch jobs every couple years, it’s harder than ever to scale a growing development team.

Add to this the additional overhead needed to onboard and manage these new hires, as well as the need for a myriad of different skills depending on the project, delivering the solutions your organization needs is harder than ever.

What’s the answer?

Direct hires won’t solve these problems. They still require oversight, come with hiring costs, have limited expertise, and have an indefinite commitment. 

Staff Augmentation is an option, but you still have two issues: a higher cost than direct hires, and added strain on your management team. If your issue isn’t having enough bandwidth, adding more to your leadership’s plate will only make things worse. 


Required Oversight





Low ~10% less than direct hire

High ~25% more than direct hire



6+ months

6+ months




Limited to Individual

Limited to Individual

Hiring Fees



20% of salary

Onboard Speed




Dedicated Teams
can be the answer.

A Slingshot Dedicated Team is a hybrid onshore/offshore development team that plugs into your organization, and can work with minimal management overhead. They can start with only an idea and craft scope, designs, and deliver the solution to launch. The team is managed by an onshore Product Manager and typically consists of an onshore Architect, offshore developers, QA analysts, and sometimes designers.

By providing your team with key point personnel in the States and top development talent from around the world to staff the rest of the team, we combine the best of excellent communication, low cost, specialized expertise, and the ability to scale.  We additionally draw on the rest of the talent with Slingshot to augment skills as needed.

Trusted by
industry leaders

We had our own development team at PetFirst for years and struggled to manage and retain talent on a consistent basis. We found we spent a lot of time on retention and talent acquisition instead of growing our core business. We brought on a Slingshot dedicated team and could go back to focusing on growth. Not only did Slingshot provide development expertise but they were huge in providing strategic insight based on their years of experience.

Katie BlakeleyPetFirst

Slingshot built us a high-quality mobile solution from scratch in a short time. They operate in a nimble and agile manner that is greatly beneficial to large organizations.

Uday TumuluriVice President of Product Development at MetLife

Louisville is an amazing community, and giving back to it was our main goal. Even with the extremely quick turnaround time, Slingshot was able to create an amazing website that matches our brand and works seamlessly. We wouldn't be able to raise near the amount for charity that we do had it not been for our new web app.

Adam ZderskiChief Architect of New Technologies

...they understood our unique vision and guided us through the process of translating it to a mobile app. It was clear they had a high level of expertise and we could talk freely about what we needed. They walked us through solutions in a way that was easy to understand and we felt engaged during the entire process.

Pierce, Mary Clyde, MDProfessor of Pediatrics Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago