As a partner, we make

you part of the process.

Partnerships are core to what we do. Our partner, you, are involved every step of the way from the strategic phase through design and development.

01. Strategize

Our approach helps make your ideas a reality. We excel at strategic decision making, creative ideation, and roadmapping. We engage users, study competition, and leverage our collective knowledge to uncover solutions. Our combination of know-how, method, and creativity makes us the ideal partner to bring your idea to life.

02. Design

Our design team is skilled at creating both beautiful and functional user experiences.  We fine-tune our designs by prototype testing with users to ensure an effective and easy to use solution.  We’re adept at identifying the minimum viable product, which speeds time to market and controls risk.

03. Develop

Our team of senior-level software developers, each with over a decade of experience, are true experts in the industry.  Use of modern technologies (AWS, Azure, etc.) and methods (CI/CD & TDD) are at the heart of our practice, allowing us to remove waste, accelerate delivery, and ensure the highest quality build.

01. Strategize

Game-changing ideas start with strategy.

Roadmap Creation

It starts with a roadmap. We create a roadmap of desired business outcomes, the features required to accomplish them, and how we plan to measure success.

User Engagement

A product is only useful if people use it, so we engage users from the start. We interview the target demographic on their wants and needs to inform the direction of the software or product.

Competitive Analysis

We research your competition in order to gain a competitive advantage and ensure a unique solution.


What’s a product without a great idea? Using the research we’ve gathered, our multidisciplinary team brainstorms potential solutions.

02. Design

Beautiful and functional shouldn't be afterthoughts.


After identifying a solution, we use prototypes to obtain early feedback from users. Often going through multiple iterations until we find the right design.

User Testing

We use prototypes to engage real users and gather feedback to inform future prototypes and final designs. Comprehension, emotional response, and recall are a few of the measurements we gather.

Minimum Viable Product or MVP

Keep it simple. We evaluate the value of features against the complexity to deliver them allowing us to remove unnecessary functionality, speed time to market, and reduce risk.

03. Develop

Even the best design means nothing if you can’t build it.

Cloud Expertise

Whether building a new solution or migrating existing technology our team is experienced in all aspects of the leading Cloud technology providers including AWS and Azure.

Scalable and Fault-tolerant

We build solutions that grow with your business. Our Cloud Expertise, combined with our development experience, enables us to create solutions that are both highly scalable and fault-tolerant.


Using the latest in development practices our team automates routine tasks such as build automation and deployment with continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD). Test-driven development (TDD) helps us ensure a high-quality product.


Each member of our development team has over a decade of experience working on diverse solutions within numerous industries.

We felt we were better served spending time with customers instead of managing development. We brought Slingshot on for their ability to see the big picture and manage projects. Time and time again their staff turn over projects quickly and with astounding quality.

R. Collie KingCEO, Kwantek

They were able to help us translate a vision of what we needed into working software. They listened and understood our needs, and then developed a creative solution within our budget. They guided us through different possible solutions in a way that was easy to understand.

Dr. Mary Clyde PierceProfessor of Pediatrics

We love that Slingshot has worked on many applications and brings that expertise and experience when working with us. Their emphasis on doing things the right way also gave us peace of mind. They create effective software that fits our needs and frees us up to focus on our growing business.

Greg McIntyreFounder, Tellennium

Slingshot was able to work with us to bring clarity and definition to our vision. They kept us involved at all levels and their communication made us comfortable that we always knew what was going on. We trust Slingshot as more than just a software company but rather a partner as we move forward.

Mark RaisorCOO, EnterScape
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